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Thank God For The Radio


1.       Don’t Let The Old Man In 

2.       I Just Want To Dance With You 

3.       Silver Wings

4.       You Don’t Want To Get You One Of Those 

5.       Thank God For the Radio 

6.       How Can You Cause Me Such Pain 

7.       Creaking Leather / M. Marion, W. Kearney

8.       My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

9.       Top Rail Rider / J. Bickerstaff, W. Kearney 

10.      On The Other Hand

11.     A Laundromat With A Liquor Licence / W. Kearney

12.     Drinking Champagne

13.     Saddle Up And Go On Home / W. Kearney 

14.     Jimmy and Jemima / W. Kearney

15.     How’s The World Treating You

16.     Life Was Worth The Living / M. Marion, W. Kearney

17.     All The Soft Places To Fall


Front Cover for Thank God For The Radio.

History of Radio

 Radio was the first wireless mode of communication.  Radios send messages by radio waves which occur in nature and the existence of these were first proved by Heinrich Hertz.  In 1895, a young Italian named Gugliemo Marconi, invented what he called the “Wireless Telegraph”.  He used radio waves to transmit Morse Code and the instrument he used became known as the “Radio”.


Radio works by changing sounds or signals into radio waves, which travel through the air, space and solid objects and the radio receiver changes them back into sounds, words and the music we hear.

 A Radio Broadcast is a one-way transmission, originating from a Radio Station.  In the early 1920’s, radio played an important role in people’s lives, and over 500 stations were broadcasting throughout the world.


By the World War I, although primitive and in its infancy, Radio was in use in active service and used to transmit from the trenches and also from ships at sea.   How far we have come as by 2019, the word radio has different meanings to different people, depending on their age.  Radio in 2019, has advanced to radios in cars, satellite radio and also internet radio stations. 


Having grown up without Television until almost into our teenage years, where would we have been as children without “The Lone Ranger”, “Dad and Dave” and “The Cisco Kid”, Hopalong Cassidy” and “Dexter Dutton” to name but a few.


Radio is an essential part of our Communications Network and in times of emergency, such as Cyclones and Bushfires, sometimes it is the only form of communication that we have and its advantage is that small radio receivers can be battery run.


Where would Independent musicians be today without Radio?  It is a very important part in getting their music heard throughout Australia and indeed the world.  ITunes, Spotify, Google Music and the like have their place in our rapidly advancing world, in the field of technology, but there is still nothing like the Radio and especially Community Radio for promoting the music of all of our musicians.  I would like to thank all Radio Stations here in Australia and indeed in other parts of the world for their support of Musicians and especially Independent Musicians, who wouldn’t have a platform to get their music to air without “Radio”.

Enjoy the original tracks from "Thank God For The Radio"
7. Creaking Leather
00:00 / 04:05
9. Top Rail Rider
00:00 / 03:56
11. A Laundromat With A Liquor Licence.m
00:00 / 02:57
13. Saddle Up And Go On Home
00:00 / 02:54
14. Jimmy And Jemima
00:00 / 04:11
16. Life Was Worth The Living
00:00 / 03:30
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