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Solitary Man


1.   Stuck On You 

2.   Have You Ever Seen The Rain

3.   Old Time Rock and Roll

4.   Give Me One Reason

5.   Bad Moon Rising

6.   Black Magic Woman

7.   Hot Rod Heart

8.   Blue Hotel

9.   Come Back Again

10.  Solitary Man

11.  Boppin’ the Blues

12.  Down On The Corner

13.  Great Balls of Fire

14.  Twist and Shout

15.  Knocking On Heaven’s Door

16.  Who’ll Stop The Rain

Bonus Live Tracks (Recorded at Eton Hotel)

17.  Eagle Rock

      Your Mumma Don’t Dance

      Midnight Special


First of all, I would like to thank  “Jock Strap and His Elastic Band: for their talents in the Studio - “Jock on his guitar and harmonies, “Quick Draw McGraw” on drums, “Itchy and Scratchy” on percussion, “Freddie Fingers” on piano and keyboard, “Billy Bass” on bass and “Vinnie Viola” on ‘strings.  Also a big thank you to the “Roland”, “Yamaha” and “Acer” Companies for allowing me to bring these great musicians together for this album, Ha Ha!!


Lets now get serious, and thank Allen Zemlicoff for his great guitar work and harmonies.  Thanks also to “The Eton Hotel” The Best Pub In The Scrub where we recorded the “Live” tracks.  What a fantastic audience.


You’re probably wondering “Where are all the country songs?”  Over the last few years, a lot of the gigs that I’ve performed throughout Australia have called for Rock and Blues music and a lot of people have asked why I haven’t recorded any of those songs  -  So this album is for them, but if you’re a country fan, don’t despair, I haven’t abandoned you as this year I have also recorded “My Kinda Country Vol 2”.


Now I would have to thank my lovely wife, Mandy for her great support, also as my booking agent and manager, photographer, graphic designer and art producer and for making sure that I look at least half decent before a gig - thank you my dear...Oh! Sorry “Boss”.  Thanks to both my families and finally, as always, thanks to you who buy my albums …. without you I would still be selling hardware. 

Recorded, Mastered and Produced by Waranda Enterprises

Copyright and Distribution   Waranda Enterprises © 2008


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