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My Rifle, My Pony And Me

Cd Cover of My Rifle My Pony and Me as j



1.  My Rifle, My Pony And Me

2.  Today I Started Loving You Again

3.  Waiting For A Train

4.  Where The White Face Cattle Roam

5.  Cattle Call

6.  There’s A Tear In My Beer

7.  Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds 

8.  Following The Light

9.  She Thinks I Still Care

10. Mandrake

11. Red River Valley


This album was inspired by a life long friend of mine, Graham Wilson, AKA “Willow”, to people in the Gin Gin and Bundaberg areas.  One afternoon sitting in a country pub, Graham and Blue Bickerstaff started reciting the words of some of these old songs.


Some people believe and have stated, that Graham is stuck in a time warp, which is not a bad way to be.


It got me to thinking that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to record some of these songs such as “My Rifle, My Pony and Me” from the movie “Rio Bravo” and “Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds” sung by Sons of the Pioneers and Roy Rogers.  I have also recorded “Waiting For A Train” by Jimmie Rodgers, “The Singing Brakeman”.


Also on the album is Eddie Arnold’s “Cattle Call” and Hank Williams’ “There’s a Tear In My Beer”.  Another song that took my friends’ fancy was Merle Haggards’ “Today I Started Loving You Again” and we couldn’t do an album of this genre without doing some tracks from Australia’s Country Music forefathers, such as Buddy Williams, Rick and Thel and of course the late and great Tex Morton.


I hope you enjoy this album and rediscover these songs of yesteryear as I have done when recording them.  Thanks Willow and Blue.

Warren Kearney

(Vocals, guitar, keyboard, harmonies, strings - Warren Kearney)

Recorded, Mastered and Produced by Warren Kearney

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