JULY 2021


WOW WHAT A YEAR…..In twelve months, with five songs released to Radio, I have had a #1, three in the top 10 and all of the five in the top 40.  The #1 song “Who’ll Remember The Memories”  to dated has been on the Australian Country Radio Airplay Charts for three week.  What singer/songwriter could ask for more?  It is thanks to our wonderful Radio Announcers and my loyal followers and listeners that this has happened.  I was really enjoying myself at this stage and the songs just keep flowing out of my head at a great rate.


SONG RELEASES   The last year of 2021 has been a whirlwind.  From thinking that I was retired in July 2020, to having a #1 song “The Pearly Gates Bridge” on the OZCMR TYGA FM Charts on 8th August 2020 and the Australian Country Radio Airplay Charts on 5th September . This song was co-written with Lola Brinton and it was an honour to be asked to write with Lola and a huge boost for me which reignited my Songwriting interest.


I thought that I should follow that up with another song “I’ve Heard It All Before” co-written with Delles Smith from Mackay.  This song was one that we wrote some years ago and this one rose to #15 on the Radio Airplay Charts and at this time “The Pearly Gates Bridge” was still on those charts, having been there for nine weeks.


I released “Goin’ For A Ride” (The Story of Lennie Gwyther)” in time for Australia Day 2021 and this song was written with my long time songwriter friend Maurie Marion.  Maurie did a wonderful YouTube video for this one.  This song went to #9 on the Australian Country Radio Airplay charts and remained on those charts some weeks.


The next song released to Radio, was written entirely by myself and was “Just One Damn Thing After The Other” and this song almost wrote itself and is about a farmer friend of mine from Warra.  This song was really well received and jumped up to #4 on the Radio Airplay Charts in a short time and was still on those charts well after the appearance of my next song. 


On 8th June, I released “Who’ll Remember The Memories” and this was another co-write with Maurie Marion and once again he produced a lovely video to go with the release.  I couldn’t believe it when on 8th July, this song was #1 on the Country Radio Airplay Charts.  I was ecstatic and so was Maurie Marion, and could hardly believe it when Stephen Brady from Blue Shamrock Music sent me an email to let me know about being #1.  Wow after nearly 50 years as a musician, singer and songwriter, this was probably the biggest pat on the back that I could receive.

I followed all of this up with "The Murray Cod Waltz" which is a funny quirky song and Maurie Marion has done an amazing animation to go with the release.  Well worth a look on YouTube to have a great laugh.  This song waltzed it's way up to #10, which made all of the releases in 2021 in the Top 10 on the Charts.  


I decided about the time of the release of “Goin’ For A Ride” that a new album was going to be released and we had already decided on calling it “Who’ll Remember The Memories” which proved to be a great idea when we found out about that particular song going to #1. So this album which we released in early August 2021 ended up having four Top 10 songs with one of those a #1.  In all of my long musical career, I would never have imagined that this would happen to me.

To top all of this off, I was privileged to be nominated in three categories in the Australian Independent Country Music Awards, the winners of which will be announced in Tamworth 2022.


During the first few months of 2021, I began recording a duet with Canadian singer, songwriter and recording artist, Peggie Nora.  This song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” was released internationally on 16th July 2021.  What a wonderful lady Peggie Nora is and what a gorgeous voice.  This was another highlight of

2021 and it was a delight working with this great artist.   


PAST HISTORY   I look back on my past life as a musican, which I have been  all of my Adult life, singing in Choirs as a young boy, starting to learn guitar with Alan Tangie in Mackay, at twelve years old and working with duos and bands during my teenage years.  I was at one time a resident musician at a Resort in Mackay and was working up to six gigs a week, doing a day job as most musicians do and bringing up our family. 


We also had a recording Studio, Waranda Recording Studios, and I recorded forty albums for other singers as well as multiple albums for myself over the years.  I was still doing gigs at this time and recording almost every free night of each week.  This was an enormous challenge with three teenagers. 


When our last child decided to join the Army at seventeen, my wife Mandy and I decided to take the gamble and sell up everything and go on the road with my music. I performed two to three gigs each week, travelling about 22,000 kilometers each year, returning to Mackay each year for the winter where I played at eight different venues.  A lot of my gig work involved Rock and Roll, Blues, Jazz and of course my love Country and Country Rock.


We had a great time for thirteen years, but after the death of both of my parents in late 2013, we decided in 2014, that the Pub Crawl had gone on long enough and we settled in a little town on the Darling Downs called Jandowae.  The gigs continued in the South East Queensland area and who knows without Covid might have still been going. 


We still have the Studio, after unpacking it from the Caravan and setting it up in it’s now permanent position in our house in Jandowae. 


Over the years, I have recorded to date 22 Solo Albums, 3 Compilations and multiple EPs many genres including Country, Country Rock, Country Blues, Easy Listening and Jazz.  Many of these albums are still available for purchase on my web site www.warrenkearney.com.



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