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Paper Moon

An EP of Jazz Classics

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The music that I enjoy does not have any boundaries and although in the past my albums have been mainly based in the Counry Genre, the music that I play at gigs was a combination of all genres.  It has been a pleasure to record the songs for this EP and has added a new dimension to my music.  I thoroughly enjoy both the great beat of the Latin music and unmatched quality that Jazz provides.  It has been a pleasure to work with Phil Attard and Sergio Paradis in the duets with these artists on this EP and I hope that the final result is pleasing to the ear.


Warren Kearney



1.  I Said I Love You 

2.  Our Love Is Here To Stay

3.  Something Stupid (Duet with Phil Attard)

4.  You'll Always Be The One I Love

5.  La Paloma (Duet with Sergio Paradis)

6.  Don't Get Around Much Any More

7.  It's Only A Paper Moon

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