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"The Road Beneath My Wheels"

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With only a fews weeks to go for the release of my 50th Anniversary Album “Welcome To My World”, I am now releasing a new single “The Road Beneath My Wheels” .


I’ve been a professional musician since 1972, so the sound of the road beneath my wheels is something I’ve heard a lot over the years, travelling to and from gigs late at night on my own.  This was the inspiration behind the writing of this song. I hope that you enjoy “The Road Beneath My Wheels”.


Free radio downloads are available from Blue Shamrock Music and the song is available for streaming and purchase from all good digital platforms and my website by contacting us on my Contact page.

"The Ballad Of The Loch Ard"

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The Ballad of The Loch Ard
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"The Ballad Of The Loch Ard" is a stirring true story of the bravery of one young man when the ship that he was on, went down in the raging surf on 1st June 1878, at what is now known as Loch Ard Gorge on the Great Ocean Road on the Victorian coastline. Maurie Marion has penned the wonderful lyrics to make this song come to life in your mind as you listen to Warren Kearney's haunting vocals add the depth and the sound to make it seem that you are really there with Tom Pierce and Eva Carmichael.

The song is available here on my website by clicking on Contact and completing your details and we will get in contact with you withing the day and send you the mp3 of the track for $1-00 AUD.  Alternatively it is also available on all good digital Platforms for purchase and streaming.


Lyrics by Maurie Marion, Musical composition by Warren Kearney.   Video by Maurie Marion,

All instruments, sound effects, harmonies by Warren Kearney.

Video ISRC No. AU2KV2200006.

Song  ISRC No. AU2KV2200005

Copyright Warren Kearney and Maurie Marion 2022

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