Christmas Medley...
Silent Night & Away In A Manger

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Chrismas Medley...Silent Night & Away In A Manger
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Silent Night - F.X. Gruber & J. Mohr...Away In A Manger – Traditional


On behalf of Mandy and myself,  I would just like to wish everybody a very merry, holy and safe Christmas and all the very best for 2023.


The two songs making up this Christmas medley have been a part of my life since I was a child.  I hope that you enjoy “Silent Night” and “Away In A Manger”.


The Medley is available for purchase from my website and you can also listen to it on my Youtube Channel @WarrenKearney.  Subscription to my Youtube Channel is free. A big thank you to all the Radio Presenters and everybody who has supported my music.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this track, please send your request to us by completing your details on the Contact Page of my Website.  I will get back to you withing the day regarding the $1-00 payment.

Warren Kearney

ISRC NO.  AU2KV2200024

Music Fallin'
International Collabration by KC LaCourse and Warren Kearney

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“Music Fallin” is a brand new release by Warren Kearney and KC LaCourse.  It is a beautiful song which has come about mainly because of Mark Eckel from OZCMR TYGA FM who introduced KC and Warren after KC released a beautiful poem of the same name.


The end result is a haunting tribute song with lyrics by KC LaCourse, a wonderful Cowboy Poet from Las Vegas, USA and the music composition, vocals and instrumentation by Warren Kearney, a prolific Singer/songwriter from Queensland Australia. KC has also produced a wonderful video for “Music Fallin’” which is a must see on YouTube.


In KC’s words “I was thinking about my sweet friend Dawn Anita and all the Musicians and Singers we have loved and lost.  I thought that Heaven surely must be full of leftover music notes with all the music being played up there by the Musicians and Singers who have died over the years.  They couldn’t possibly use them all and they must send them down to us, like a gentle rain.  This wonderful gift lets us know they are up there and watching over all of us, their way of sending love to us.”


The “Dawn Anita” that KC mentions is Dawn Anita Plumlee, a wonderful singer from the USA who sadly passed away on 19th April, 2021 and of course “Joe” is Joe Diffie, Dawn Anita’s nephew, who died from Covid on 16th April, 2020. Both are sadly missed by all who knew and loved them, and the Music community who lost also them.


The song “Music Fallin’” is available on all digital Platforms, such as Spotify,  Deezer, Amazon Music and of Apple Music. It is also available to purchase on my website by emailing us from my Contact page.

Copyright KC LaCourse and Warren Kearney 2022

ISRC No. AU2KV2200017

"Old Fiddles"


“Old Fiddles” is a song I wrote as a light hearted look at the little problems of getting old.  Of course, there are a lot of good points about getting old.  Those of us who are lucky enough to grow to old age, and are still reasonably fit, can still contribute to society in many ways.  This is the main message of “Old Fiddles”.  Old people don’t necessarily need to be a burden on society.  We can still love life and enjoy life despite our aches and pains.  Hense, the opening line of the chorus “Plenty good tunes are played on Old Fiddles”.


This song was written and composed by myself, and all instrumentation, vocals, harmonies, recording, mixing and mastering were all my own work.  My wife Mandy produced and directed the Video and did a great job of the humorous photos that make up the video.


The song is available on all good digital outlooks, including itunes, Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon music.  It is also available on my website  The video is available for viewing from the 13th September on You Tube and subscription is free to this service. You can purchase the mp3 directly from this website by clicking on Contact Page and completing the form there.  The song will be sent to you by email for $1-00 AUD.



Warren has written this beautiful song about "The Old Ways" when we were growing up in the 50's and 60's.  We then had the freedom to leave the house after we had done our chores and only return when we were hungry.  Those freedoms have gone now.

Technology is advancing at such a fast rate and has definite advantages which we all enjoy.  Everything moves at such a fast rate nowadays.  

We look fondly back at our childhood and this maybe with rose coloured glasses, but we did have a great childhood.

I hope that you enjoy Warren Kearney's new release "The Old Days" which is available here on his website and also on all digital platforms from 21st June, 2022.  Subscribe free to his YouTube page and you can have a sneak preview now.  This is the link to that channel

"The Old Ways is entirely Warren's work, from the idea, the vocals, all instrumentals, recording, mastering and production.  We hope that you enjoy "The Old Days".

Purchase now by send us an email from this site by completing your request on the Contact Page and for $1 the song will be sent to your email.  

New Single Release of "From Under My Rock" 

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This song is a lighthearted look at what we have all faced over the past two years with Covid and the restrictions that had to be placed upon us. Even though we aren’t out of the woods as yet, we are all hoping that one day all of this will be over and we can get back to life as we knew it before Covid. This song is entirely written and sung by me and all instruments and recording are my own work. From Tuesday 5th April, the song will be available from here on my Website for $1 or from itunes, Spotify, Amazon and other good digital sites.

If you want to purchase this song directly from me please go to my Contact page and complete the details and I will send the mp3 to your email address.

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