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The Air That I Breathe

Available Now

A new album by Warren Kearney which will include the #1 song "The Pearly Gates Bridge" and his upcoming new release "I've Heard It All Before". 

Go to the bottom of this page for an Album Review by Konny Christensen - Music Guru from Norway.

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"I've Heard It All Before" is available on all digital platforms from the end of September 2020.

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1.  The Air That I Breathe 

2.  The Pearly Gates Bridge / L. Brinton, W. Kearney

3.  The River

4.  Try Walking In His Shoes / W. Kearney

5.  I’ve Heard It All Before / D. Smith, W. Kearney

6.  I Wouldn’t Be So Lonely / W. Kearney

7.  Do You Sleep Well At Night / M. Marion,

               W. Kearney 

8.  Storms Never Last 

9.  Why Worry 

10. This Country Boy Couldn’t Ask For More /                            M. Marion, W. Kearney

Try Walking In His Shoes
00:00 / 03:07
The Pearly Gates Bridge
00:00 / 04:23
I've Heard It All Before
00:00 / 03:19
Do You Sleep Well At Night
00:00 / 04:52
I Wouldn't Be So Lonely
00:00 / 02:46
This Country Boy Couldnt Ask For
00:00 / 03:42


I would like to dedicate this album to Allen Zemlicoff who we sadly lost this year.  He was a great musician and a fantastic human being.  Thank you Al.  Al is featured playing guitar on “This Country Boy” and “I Wouldn’t Be So Lonely” on this album.


After releasing my latest album “Thank God For The Radio”, I really thought that would have been my last hoorah in recording.  Just goes to show how much I know.


I was contacted by Lola Brinton, one of Australia’s leading lyricists, asking me If I would like to write a song with her.  Of course my answer was “I would love to”. This was the beginning of “The Pearly Gates Bridge” which has been on a number of Australian and oversea’s Top 40 charts, making it to #1 on the week ending the 8th August on the TYGA and OZCMR Top 40 Chart.  What a ride it’s been.  Thank you Lola and the listeners. This has reignited my interest in recording and the releasing of new material, like the title song “The Air That I Breathe” so I hope that you enjoy this new Album.

Copyright Warren Kearney 2020


Review for Warren Kearney album "The Air That I Breathe"


I came across Warren Kearney’s music when I was listening to the Aussie Oz Country Music Radio...


Warren Kearney is not a newcomer to the Australian music industry. He has released many albums over the years, but this was the first time I’ve heard his songs on OZCMR... His style is pleasant to listen to, his slightly rusty voice suits the lyrics so well... The songs are woven together with beautiful lyrics and melodies that are easy to the ear. No doubt that he is a great songwriter, he also collaborates writing lyrics with other songwriters...


His latest album "The Air That I Breathe" has 10 tracks, and let me mention a few of them:

He does a great rendition of the A. Hammond & M. Hazlewood song "The Air That I Breathe", and he totally made it his own!

He co-wrote the beautiful song "The Pearly Gates Bridge" with L. Brinton. The song is a favourite by many, it has already entered the charts, it won`t take long before it will hit #1...

Warren`s self penned song "Try Walking In His Shoes" is another awesome treasure on this album.

He does an awesome "job" with the slow and sensual ballad "Do You Sleep Well At Night"and there is not many that could have done it better than this!

The rendition of "The River" is even better that the original by Garth Brooks!


Warren offers you a melodious country album with heartfelt songs. The album is well produced, and belongs in every music lover’s collection!


Konny Christensen Norway, September 21st 2020

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