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Shades Of Midnight

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Christine and Tony Murray  of the Eungella Chalet  Mountain Lodge for their hospitality and the use of their venue for the photo shoot

John Quinn for Lead  and Rhythm Guitar, Harmony vocals, vocals on "Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away", sequencing and arrangements of “Moonglow”

Allen Zemlicoff for Lead Guitar and Harmony vocals

Levena Stewart for her harmony vocals and vocals on "If It Weren't For Him"

Phil Attard for her vocals on “It Takes Two To Tango”

Emily Mills for her vocals on “Cold Cold Heart” Photography 

Owen Klibbe for Pedal Steel Guitar

Don Agnew for Trumpet

Ken Mackay for Clarinet

Sergio Paradis for keyboard

Steve Blain for piano

Steve Quinn for bass on “Lonely Wine”

Warren Kearney for Lead and Rhythm Guitar, keyboard, vocals, Harmony Vocals, Sequencing and Arrangements

Mandy Kearney Graphic Design and Direction

Photos taken at Eungella Chalet Mountain Lodge, Eungella, Qld. 

Produced by Warren Kearney

Recorded and Mastered by Waranda Recording Studios


1. Stuck On You

2.  Pure Love

3.  When I Call Your Name

4.  Cold Cold Heart

5.  Lonely Wine

6.  Shades Of Midnight / Warren Kearney

7.  Sleeping With The Blues

8.  Blue Boy

9.  Turn Me On

10. If It Weren't For Him

11. Moonglow

12. That's When I See The Blues In Your Pretty Blue Eyes

13. Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away

14. I Can't Help Myself

15. If You Ever Have Forever In Mind

16. It Takes Two To Tango

17. Let's Not Say Goodbye 

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