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My Old Friend The Blues





1.   Damn Right, I’ve Got The Blues 

2.   Outskirts Of Town

3.   Only The Lonely

4.   Begging To You / Robbins 

5.   A Little Bluer Than That 

6.   Flooding Up In Queensland / W. Kearney 

7.   Heartbreak Hotel

8.   Cold Cold Heart

9.   Here We Go Again

10. Don’t Worry About Me 

11. Neon Blue

12. Sleeping With The Blues 

13. Wicked Game

14. Turn Me On 

15. My Old Friend The Blues

16. Born To Lose

17. Broken River Blues / W. Kearney 

18. House Of The Rising Sun

19. Lonestar


When I met Warren in 1970, the first song I heard him perform was “House Of The Rising Sun”.  Here we are 42 years later and he has finally recorded it along with other Blues Classics, such as “Only The Lonely” made famous by Roy Orbison and “Heartbreak Hotel” a well loved Elvis classic.  He has also included two of his own songs “Broken River Blues” and “Flooding Up In Queensland” a song which was written after being caught up in the 2010 Queensland floods.  “Born to Lose” has finally been released after being recorded 14 years ago.  We have  never found quite the right place for it on any album until now.  Thanks go to Adrian Jensen for his talents on Lead Guitar on this track.  Many thanks also to Allen Zemlicoff for his lead work and harmonies on “Cold Cold Heart”, “Turn Me On” and ”Sleeping With The Blues”.  Anyone who knows Warren, will know that he loves music, any music, but he has a special love for “The Blues” and has always wanted to record a Country/Blues Album. We both hope that you enjoy this album

                 “My Old Friend The Blues”.                                   

                                                            Mandy Kearney



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6. Flooding Up In Queensland
00:00 / 05:19
17. Broken River Blues
00:00 / 03:38
Listen to a couple of Originals from "My Old Friend The Blues"
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