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Black Beauty 

Instrumental Album

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A couple of examples of the great tracks on "Black Beauty"

5. Blues For Me (Instrumental)
00:00 / 03:44
El Trovador Solitaro (Instrumental)
00:00 / 04:05

Acknowledgements and Thanks

To Alan Tangye, for inspiration and my first guitar lessons as a young boy.  To John Quinn, Sergio Paradis and Ken Mackay for their musical talents.  To Fiona Kroll for her great photography.  To Community and ABC Radio, for their continued support.  To the Hotels, Clubs and Wineries throughout Australia for their great gigs and last but not least to all of you who have requested this album over the past few years.  Hope you enjoy.


John Quinn – Rhythm guitar, arrangements and sequencing (Blue Moon, Maria Elena, I’m In The Mood For Love, Blues For Me, Moonglow).  Sergio Paradis -  Keyboard, Piano, Piano Accordion, arrangements and sequencing (La Paloma).  Ken Mackay – Clarinet, Saxaphone.  Warren Kearney – Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, arrangements and sequencing


Fiona Kroll – Photography.  Amanda Kearney – Graphic design.  All lead guitar sounds produced with an Epiphone/Gibson “Black Beauty” guitar and Zoom GFX-707 Guitar Effects pedal.  Waranda Enterprises  -  Recording, Mastering and Production.  


1.  La Paloma 

2.  Wheels 

3.  Blue Moon 

4.  Maria Elena 

5.  Kon-Tiki 

6.  Apache 

7.  Wonderful Land 

8.  I’m in the Mood for Love 

9.  Blues for Me / Quinn 

10. Moonglow 

11. Yackety Axe 

12. Perfida

13. Guitar Boogie

14. Wipe Out 

15.  El Trovadore Solitaro / W. Kearney




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