Album & mp3 Costs

Warren Kearney's Albums/EPs (unless noted otherwise on the Album/EP's page) are only available in hard copy. Please note that during Covid 19 Restrictions, hard copy sales will be restricted to Australia Only. This is due to the postage times for overseas countries.  If you live outside of Australia, digital tracks will be your only option.  When things have returned to normal, hard copy CDs and Eps will be able to be ordered Worldwide.  Conversation rates to Australian Currency will be at the rate applicable on the date of order.


Album Hardcopy including postage                                $22-00 (AUD)

Mp3 files of songs emailed                                              $ 1-00 (AUD)

Mp3 files on CD (Up to 10)                                                $ 1-00 (AUD) each plus $5-00 (AUD) for CD and postage

EP Hardcopy including postage                                       $12-00 (AUD)

EP Digital Copy                                                                   $ 5-00 (AUD)

Album Digital Format                                                        $12-00 (AUD)

Complete CD Sets (29 discs as at March 2021)              Prices on application

Thumb Drives of Albums and Complete song sets        Prices on Application

Thumb Drives of All Videos                                               Prices on Application

Orders can be placed by heading over to our Contact Form and placing your order there or if you have any questions that you can't find an answer to  please call us from the Phone contact at the top left of this Web page.  Bank account details will be supplied and CDs either posted, or songs emailed as soon as payment is received.


Warren has decided to do this, as he did not want anything to do with a system which is exploiting Independent Artists.  It has come to the point, that there is no financial gain for an Artist who sells his or her songs on itunes or the like. There are two exceptions to this and those are his newly released song "I've Heard It All Before" and his #1 song co-written with Lola Brinton, "The Pearly Gates Bridge" which are both available on most digital platforms from the end of September 2020.

Warren's CD and mp3 costs are kept reasonable (50% at least of the cost on other platforms) so that his followers can enjoy his music delivered to them in a way that suits their needs, and he actually makes something from the transaction.


Warren would like to thank you for being understanding of his decision to go against the current trend.

There are a couple of his songs available on itunes and Spotify.