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Beyond The Sunset

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This album was recorded at the special request of my parents Merv and Jean Kearney  and some of the songs have been requested by them, my wife and friends. 


I would like to thank them and everyone who has taken part in the production of the album, from Tamie, my daughter who sings “Morning Has Broken” to the vocalists and musicians and the songwriters.. 

                                  Warren Kearney.

Song Listing for "Beyond The Sunset"


1. Beyond The Sunset/Traditional

2. Just Picking Chords/T. Oliver, W. Kearney

3. Softly and Tenderly

4. Just A Closer Walk with Thee/Traditional

5. A Quiet Prayer/P. Sturgeon, W. Kearney

6. Life’s Railway to Heaven

7. How Great Thou Art/Traditional

8. The Lord's Prayer

9. Morning Has Broken

2. Just Picking Chords
00:00 / 03:28
5. A Quiet Prayer
00:00 / 04:18
8. The Lord's Prayer
00:00 / 02:38

A Few examples of songs on this CD

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Guitar Bridge (2).tif
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