Design Your Own CD

A Unique Opportunity to choose your CD layout using Warren Kearney's music and your own choices of design from a set of images and messages
1.  Choose ten songs from Warren Kearney's mp3 tracks
2.  Choose which photo of Warren Kearney that you want on the front cover
3.  Create a personal title for your Cd
4.  Use the CD as a greeting card and use your own message on the inside cover of the CD
5.  Insert your own photo or your friend's or relatives image on the inside cover
6. Choose whether or not you want Warren Kearney to sign your cover
7. All this for a total cost of $25 AUD

Here's how:

Click on Mp3 Tracks to choose your songs.  Note the ones you want and choose your cover photo from the eight below and make note of the number attached.  Include this information, and  your preferences regarding personal messages for the inside cover.  We can include things like birthday greetings, your favourite inspirational verse etc. and if you want your choice of personal photo to appear on the inside page. We will need your postal address as well. Make sure that you have everything listed in the list below and then send it all by email to  You can use your own email server or click on the address that we have included.  If you would like to talk to one of us instead, feel free to call us on 0417331898.  We will then send you the Bank Account Details for the total payment of $25 AUD which includes the postage.

The email should include the following:

1.  Titles of ten songs from Warren's mp3 Tracks page

2.  The number of the photo you have chosen for your front cover

3.  The title you have chosen for your personal CD ie "Mav's Music" or "John's Favourites" or anything you         want to call your CD. 

4.  Any personal messages (Birthday, Merry Xmas or just Hello) or one for yourself

5.  Correct spelling of your name of the person that will receive the CD

6.  Your postal address

7.  Optional - Include a personal photo of yourself or a friend if the CD will be a gift.

8.  The CD can be sent directly to another person if it is a gift.